Online guide - For tourists

Online guide for visitors to Austria

This interactive online guide has been provided to enable persons intending to visit Austria to inform themselves of their individual social security entitlements in Austria and to obtain the documentation they may need in the event that they require health care while here.

Austria is one of the world’s favourite holiday destinations. Sadly, even tourists fall ill or are injured while on holiday. To ensure that the associated inconveniences can be kept to a minimum, the Austrian social security providers consider it important to provide visitors to Austria with all the essential information they require concerning ill health and emergencies.

Interactive guide

Thanks to our interactive online guide, tourists can now find information prior to their trip on their insurance status in Austria and what documentation they may need if they require health care while on holiday here. We have also added a bilingual first-aid glossary for tourists who do not have German as their first language and a list of helpful contact addresses should an emergency arise.

Individual advice in 33 languages

The great advantage of our online guide is that, after the user has answered a few questions, it will provide information tailored exactly to the needs of the user – in no fewer than 33 different languages! We hope this will provide our visitors with optimal help should the worst come to the worst while they are on holiday with us.