Cancer Registry Report

Every year about 36,000 people in Austria are newly diagnosed with cancer. After cardio-vascular diseases, malignant cancers represent the second most common cause of death in Austria whereby slightly more men than women are affected.
Cancer registries can potentially play a central role with regard to health reporting, health monitoring, health planning and overall health policy making. Statistics and analyses based on registry data can facilitate the planning, forecasting and actual use of health care resources as well as the allocation of budgets and the formulation of health policies and strategies to improve the population’s health. Screening programmes and other interventions can be assessed with regard to their effectiveness and outcome. Cancer registries can moreover provide fundamental resources for epidemiological, demographic, socio-economic and medical research.
This report describes the situation of cancer registration in Austria, whereby the focus was placed on national cancer registration.

linkPH_Austria_Case Study_Cancer Registry_Report (3.0 MB)